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 iPhone 6 Supplier Could Post 25% Gains As It Breaks Out To New Highs Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

This is a stock you wouldn't have wanted to own when the tech bubble burst in early 2000. In that era, it plummeted more than 95% from a February 2000 peak near $73 to a July 2002 all-time low near $3.40.

For many years, the shares struggled to right themselves technically, repeatedly hitting resistance just above $10 and backing off. In fact, it wasn't until late 2009 that this resistance was decisively penetrated.

Now, however, shares of the specialized chipmaker Skyworks have recently broken a major multi-year downtrend line and look very attractive technically. Backed by robust revenue and earnings growth estimates, based on strong product demand, Skyworks looks set to move ahead, making now a potentially profitable time to trade the stock.

News that Skyworks will be supplying RF (radio frequency) chips for Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 is a strong growth catalyst.

Analysts expect at least 100 million iPhones will be sold during the third and fourth quarters of 2014, meaning Skyworks will likely be selling millions of its of RF chips -- just to Apple. As a result, Skyworks management anticipates upcoming fourth-quarter revenue will increase 42% year-over-year.

In addition to supplying chips to Apple, Skyworks sees many opportunities in the wireless connectivity, data content and internet-enabled smart device markets. The company is currently developing advanced technology to support fast, secure downloads for streaming media and cloud-based services.

Management believes its wide range of semiconductor products, from LEDs to power convertors, will be used in increasingly popular tech devices like wearable electronics and fitness trackers.

Shareholders certainly seem optimistic about Skyworks' growth outlook.

The stock is on a major uptrend, trading near a fresh 52-week high. Shares have not showed this much strength since the early months of the year 2000.

Shell-shocked shareholders took 10 years to regain confidence in the stock. Between 2002 to 2009, shares were unable to push much beyond the $10 range.

Finally, in 2010 the stock moved above this resistance, reaching $36 in February 2011. Here it was capped by another form of resistance, the intersection of the major downtrend line from the February 2000 peak, which capped shares just above $30 and led to another sharp retreat to the mid-teens.

As shown on the chart, SWKS then recovered, and from October 2012 to October 2013, the stock traded in a tight range between $19 support and $26 resistance. This trading activity formed a rectangle.

In November 2013, shares pushed above $26, bullishly breaking the rectangle. At the same time, a major technical event occurred -- the bullish break of the multi-year major downtrend line.

Since breaking this long-term downtrend line, the stock has moved strongly, forming a major uptrend line, characterized by steadily rising peaks.

In June 2014, shares hit a high around $54, but soon ran into some resistance. However, by August, the stock moved higher, challenging a small shelf of resistance around $58.

For much of the summer of this year, shares traded in a tight range between $54 support $58 resistance.

However, the stock is now flirting with breaking above the resistance at $58. If shares can definitively move past this peak, they easily retest the historical February 2000 $72.59 peak.

At current levels, the $72.59 price target presents traders with 26.2% potential returns.

The bullish technical outlook is supported by strong

With Apple using Skyworks' RF chips in the iPhone 6, Skyworks' management expects fourth-quarter revenue to expand 42% from the year-earlier period to $680 million.

For the full 2014 year, analysts project increased product demand will push revenue 26.3% higher to $2.3 billion from $1.8 billion last year.

The earnings outlook is similarly strong.

With strong sales of Skyworks' chips, analysts expect fourth-quarter earnings to surge 58% to $1.01 per share from $0.64 per share in the comparable year-earlier period.

For the full 2014 year, analysts expect strong chip sales, going into a wide array of electronic products, will push earnings 42% higher to $3.13 per share from $2.20 per share last year.

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 Touring Freescales 40-Ton Internet of Tomorrow Truck Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Freescale Semiconductor wants to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to a truck stop near you.

The chip firm has easily the most visible presence here at the ARM TechCon developer conference, in the form of a full-sized, fully mobile semi-truck trailer housing what Freescale calls its "Internet of Tomorrow" technology showcase.

I got a chance to tour the trailer this week at the TechCon exhibition hall in the Santa Clara Convention Center, the first stop on a rolling, year-long IoT roadshow covering 20,000 miles around the western United States. Freescale plans to take its 40-ton Internet of Tomorrow truck to 100 customer sites, 20 universities, and more than 30 more on-site training sessions and local tech events in that time.

The well-lit, air-conditioned trailer houses more than 120 IoT products and technology demonstrations in a training lab that can accommodate 15 people at a time, according to Freescale. There's also a connected kitchen and a narrow, second-floor conference room for showing slide decks pumping up IoT growth opportunities to visitors after they've poked around the training lab on the first level.

Server hubs controlling everything from the climate in the trailer to the connected IoT devices lining its walls are positioned between the kitchen space and the meeting room.

The Internet of Tomorrow trailer was retrofitted by Freescale to connect, power, and display IoT devices and demos organized in categories like "Fitness Wearables & Medical," "Advanced Driving Systems," "Smart Home & Building," and "Smart Cities & Energy." The idea, the company said, was to showcase "everything from the smallest microcontroller to the most complex network" on what Freescale has dubbed its Internet of Tomorrow Tour.

Freescale engineers are on hand to guide small tour groups—it's a tight squeeze in the trailer, after all—along with reps from partners like Arrow Electronics, Green Hills Software, Linear Technology, and Digi-Key, which helped build and outfit the exhibit with their own products.

When it's on the road, the Internet of Tomorrow trailer has the dimensions of a standard big rig trailer. But when it's parked, the roof is raised to accommodate the high-ceilinged kitchen, the second story, and staircases leading all the way up to a rooftop space, which is ideal for lifting a beer cooled in the kitchen's high-tech, cloud-connected keg refrigerator.

The kitchen has another fascinating bit of technology sitting on a counter next to its working sink—perhaps the most intriguing new thing I saw at this year's TechCon, in fact.
Unfortunately, Freescale isn't officially announcing this technology until next week. All I can say for now is that it has to do with microwave cooking and using solid state radio frequency radio frequency (RF) transistors in place of magnetrons, so tune in for more on this later.

Freescale, spun off from Motorola in 2003, still designs digital signal processors, controllers, sensors, and other integrated circuits (ICs) using its own proprietary microarchitecture and processor designs. Many of those chips are part of the company's growing portfolio of IoT, Software Defined Networking (SDN), and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) products, but Freescale, like so many other semiconductor firms these days, is also heavily investing in ARM designs.

"ARM technology is central to the IoT, and this year's ARM TechCon event is the ideal venue to launch the Freescale Internet of Tomorrow Tour," said Freescale director of marketing John Dixon, who led journalists on a tour of the trailer this week. "This innovative program is all about traveling to and working with designers and engineers from around the world to help them turn their IoT visions into reality."

In addition to ARM, another tech trend Freescale is embracing is the Maker movement. A whole section of the Internet of Tomorrow training lab—in fact, the first one you encounter after entering from the back end of the trailer—is a showcase of DIY toolkits and low-cost components for bashing together IoT devices on the cheap.

The Maker work station, and the rest of this rolling IoT showcase, has a clear purpose, Dixon explained. Freescale certainly wants to get its fair share of an IoT market that Gartner has predicted will reach 26 billion units installed by 2020, he said. But the Internet of Tomorrow tour isn't just a traveling advertisement for the company's products, Dixon insisted—it's also meant to be a vehicle of inspiration and opportunity for the next wave of IoT innovators eager for the trailer to pull into their town.

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 A revolutionary label to not lose your luggage Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Your bags may have been members of the 10,000 lost bags every day in European airports. To stop this misfortune happens to you, a Swiss company has designed an amazing label.

Named e-lostbag this label incorporates RFID technology, in other words, a radio frequency identification. The idea is to make your luggage identifiable, traceable and therefore easily recoverable. For you, the procedure is simple: After buying the Web, you receive a label to stick to the inside of your suitcase and the second out, then you have to register on the website E lostbag and voila. No more fear of seeing his favorite shirt disappear, his only lipstick brand or panties after a train ride, bus, boat or plane. If your bag is identified, you will be notified by e-mail or text message to alert you. Smartphone applications allow you to manage your customer more worldwide account; to see if your luggage is not a platform including lost luggage. If that's the case, everything is already set up to track and contact the agency where your business. Convenient and easy!

This new feature is good for you but also for carriers who can quickly identify lost luggage they receive through the visible label on the outside. The latter form of QR code is universal and does not share your personal information for all to see. Saves considerable time for return to their owners as soon as possible. So the label will help you avoid a nasty surprise on arrival in the tropics and your return from the slopes. A significant security and off-road since the label withstands temperatures from -30 to +70 ° C. Note that its lifetime is at least 10 years.

In February, the new creation has been nominated for Golden Travel in the category "Innovation" and in May, the innovation awards in the tourism echo. A novelty noticed carrying a bright future and a very sweet price: 6,99 € for a room. You can buy multiple reduce cost and avoid cases of Mr. and toddlers disappear without a trace. Comes in four working days and 5 year warranty, it will quickly become indispensable to travel worry.

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 Klipsch Expands Reference Subwoofer Series Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Klipsch expanded its Reference subwoofer line to five SKUs with the addition of three models that add new driver technology and wireless capability.

The new subs are the $549 R-110SW, $649 R-112SW, and $899 R-115SW. They join the $449 R-12SW and $349 R-10SW.

Unlike the prior two models, the three new models feature spun-copper, front-firing Cerametallic woofers said to be “exceptionally light yet rigid” to deliver low-frequency response “with minimal cone breakup and distortion.”

The three new models are compatible with the brand’s $129 Klipsch WA-2 wireless transmitter/receiver kit to connect one or multiple subwoofers per room. The other two models are not.

All of the new subs features Class D amplifier, front-firing slot ports with internal flare technology to minimize port noise, and satin-painted MDF plinth to decouple the subs from the floor. All three feature line-level and LFE RCA inputs for compatibility with old and new receivers as well as a port for the WA-2’s wireless receiver. A low-pass filter crossover and 0-180-degree phase control helps blend the subs with their companion speakers.

The subs are available in brushed-black polymer veneer with removable cloth woven grilles.

The R-110SW features a 10-inch driver, 200-watt Class D amp, 27-125Hz response +/-3dB, 114dB maximum SPL, and a cabinet that measures 16.3 x 14.8 x 15.8 inches.

The R-112SW features a 12-inch driver, 24-125Hz response, 118dB maximum SPL, 300-watt amp, and a cabinet that measures 17.4x15.5x18.3 inches.

The R-115SW features a 15-inch driver, 400-wat amp, 18-125Hz frequency response, 122dB maximum SPL, and a cabinet that measures 21.5x19.5x22.3 inches.

Klipsch has offered Reference subwoofers up to $1,799 in the past, but those models have been discontinued or are available only through certain dealers, a spokesperson said.

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 MACOM introduces 4 stage E-band driver amplifier and low noise active mixer Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc (MACOM) of Lowell, MA, USA (which makes semiconductors, components and subassemblies for analog, RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications) has announced several new products at the European Microwave Week, taking place this week in Rome, Italy.

MACOM’s new 4 stage E-band driver amplifier, the MAAM-011167, builds on its previous MAAP-011106 E-Band power amplifier introduced in March this year. Delivering typical Psat of 24dBm for the 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz frequency ranges in a single product, the device is ideal for high capacity macro cell and small cell backhaul point to point radios, says the firm.

MAAM-011167 is ideally suited for both macro cell and small cell backhaul point-to-point radios and features variable gain with adjustable bias and an integrated power detector, which allows customers to avoid extra loss and extra cost that is associated with a discrete power detector. MACOM’s bare die power amplifier supports 18dB of small signal gain with variable gain control for flexible performance tuning. Depending on the application and required power output it can either be used as a final stage power amplifier or as a driver amplifier for applications requiring higher power. Each device is RF tested to ensure performance compliance, and is fabricated using a pHEMT process.

“With the introduction of our latest E-Band power amplifier, we’re making it easier for transceiver designers to achieve high linear power and gain control over the full E-band spectrum, while including the convenience and performance of an integrated output power detector. The addition of the MAAM-011167 to our market leading E-Band portfolio gives radio designers further options to optimize the output power level to their end application requirements,” says Stuart Cornelius, Wireless Backhaul product manager, MACOM.

Production quantities and samples of MAAM-011167 are available from stock.

MACOM has also introduced its MAMX-011023 low noise active mixer. The 4–23GHz MAMX-011023 discrete mixer gives system designers unrivaled flexibility to target a wide range of applications with a single mixer component, says the firm. Offering the widest frequency bandwidth coverage of any product in this category, the mixer provides a versatile and cost-effective platform for a wide range of applications spanning test and measurement, electronic warfare, point to point wireless, video satellite and more.

Housed in a lead-free, ultra-compact 1.5mm x 1.2mm TDFN surface mount plastic package, the MAMX-011023 mixer maximizes space savings and manufacturing efficiencies. It’s designed for down frequency conversion and supports very low noise of 7dB typical. This mixer covers the 4-23GHz RF frequency range, has an ultra wide band IF of 8GHz, and supports conversion gain of 9dB typical at 12GHz and low power consumption at 3v/15mA. This mixer can be biased from a single positive supply.

MAMX-011023 is fabricated using a GaAs process which features full passivation for increased performance and reliability, and can be used for either lower sideband (LSB) or upper sideband (USB) mixing. It integrates a FET gain element with LO and RF driving the same pin. The transconductance mixing allows a very low noise figure for an active mixer, enabling a high performing solution for real-estate constrained customers.

“The MAMX-011023 mixer delivers excellent performance over the widest frequency bandwidth supported today in this product category,” says product manager Tom Galluccio. “This wide bandwidth equips system designers to target a diverse range of products and applications with one easy-to-use device, enabling significant cost, design and component procurement efficiencies.”

MAMX-011023 is now available for sampling. 

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