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- Amplifier
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- rf microwave
- frequency source

- DC-67 GHz 2 way Resistive Power Divider
- 20-40 GHz 4-way Power Divider
- 1-2 GHz 4 way Power Divider (N-Female)
- 8.06-8.46 GHz Band Pass Filter
- 6.75-7.25 GHz Band Pass Filter

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- power divider
- band pass filter
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RF Engineer - Bandpass (RF circuitry, testing, Developing)

An Opportunity HAS EXPERIENCED year Arisen for RF Engineer To Be Given the opportunity to lead a team and design and Develop RF / Microwave bandpass filters for a mobile telecommunications company based in the North of England.

The company, a global leader in designing and manufacturing wireless communication solutions whilst based in North England, HAS engineering websites in the United States and East Asia.

As a RF Engineer, You Will lead a team to not only Develop RF / Microwave bandpass filters aim --other passive RF / Microwave Wireless Infrastructure. You Will Have a strong grasp of designing all-metal and ceramic combline TE01-delta frequency filters Within a Range of 500-5000MHz.

Responsibilities include (but not always restricted to):
* Devising your own experimental programs to test determines if your power amplifiers, oscilloscopes and spectrum Analysers design meets the required specifications.
* Use computer assisted engineering design software and equipment to create and test your electronic designs.
Mentor Engineering staff Where required.
* Interface with Customers.

As a Junior Engineer, sacrifice part of this experience Would Be required to apply for this RF Engineer role.

Essential requirements:
* Educated to University level in Electrical Engineering (or similar) Doctorate preferred.
* A Provençal history of design experience in a RF / MW capacity (2-5 years' experience)
* 2-5 years' experience of designing combline / ceramic bandpass filters
* Knowledge of 2-1 / 2D or 3D FEA / FTDT simulators (desirable)
* A good understanding of Autocad 2D Mechanical or --other CAD tools.
* An Ability to write items for publication.
* Proficiency in using mathematical concepts Such As logarithms, quadratic equations and permutations.

As a RF Engineer you Will Be reliable to problem solve, blind in cope in a fast paced environment and Be willing-to travel occasionally, whether it be gold Domestically -internationally. This position Requires outstanding interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills.

You Must Be eligible to Work Within The UK to apply for this role Filters Engineer.

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